Top Tips to Being Awesome

Top Tips to Being Awesome


1. Stay positive – a positive mind brings positive results, in all areas of you life. Don’t let negative thoughts enter you mind, if they do, hit the delete button and focus on the good stuff.

2. Spend quality time relaxing each day – switch off everything, clear your mind and be in the moment. Even if it’s just 10-20 minutes. Breath in for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds. Chill!

3. Get quality sleep– easier said than done but 7-8 hours a night is vital for optimum health and mental clarity.

4. Exercise – lift weights, do sports, run, join in classes or whatever you enjoy, do it! You sit at a desk all day? – stand up every 30 minutes. Stay active.

5. Stretch – at the gym, yoga, Pilates or just stretching at home. Whatever you enjoy, do it daily. You’ll be grateful of it one day!

6. Cut out – all grains, cows dairy, genetically modified, processed and refined foods or anything you don’t recognise as a food on a label. They have no place in your diet.

7. Eat vegetables – a wide variety every day; greens like kale & spinach, sulphur rich like broccoli & cauliflower and colours like carrots & beets. Fill your plates!

8. Eat quality meat, organ meat & fish – wild, grass-fed, pastured and as locally sourced as you can. Nutrient dense, high in protein and vital omega 3 fatty acids.

9. Use coconut oil – frying, roasting, baking or even in black coffee. Coconut oil supports gut health, provides energy, is anti bacterial, lowers LDL (bad) and increases HDL (good) cholesterol!

10. Soak your nuts– nuts and seeds are great but need to be soaked for various lengths of time depending on the type. This reduces phytic acid, an anti-nutrient and makes them more digestible. Don’t eat peanuts. They are not a nut!

11. Eat avocado – these nutrient packed fruits contain omega 9, potassium and a whole range of other ‘good stuff’ to support your heart and overall health.

12. Make Bone Broth – poultry, mammal or fish bones make one of the best super-foods for very little cost. Drink 1 cup a day or make soup from it. Supports gut health, bones, joints and recovery from exercise.

13. Probiotics – support your good bacteria and destroy the bad. Invest in a quality supplement, make kefir or eat probiotic rich fermented foods like sauerkraut. Get them in daily, gut health is the basis of all health.

14. Get your Vitamin D levels checked– doctors don’t like doing this but unless you live in the sun, chances are your deficient. Vitamin D deficiency leads to more health problems than you can shake a stick at. Find out your levels and supplement accordingly.

15. Get plenty of anti-oxidents– green tea, dark berries and other polyphenol-rich foods are all rich sources.

16 Take a few Epsom salt baths weekly– not only do they help you relax, they provide a fantastic source of magnesium to help you sleep and reduce inflammation. Epsom baths also fight external bacteria helping acne, eczema and psoriasis.

17  Laugh and smile – even when your alone and have to fake it! The positive hormonal effect of doing this daily is immense!

18  When you’re feeling down – Pick someone else back up. Helping others is more rewarding than wallowing in self pity.

19  Visualise your goals – visualise what you want from life, visualise what you need to do to achieve it and then act on it. Small steps is all it takes. Anything is possible.

20 – Let go of the past – it’s done, be excited about the future, it’s going to be great but more importantly live in the now. Today is your day, own it and make it awesome.

Stay Awesome

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