One to One 12 Weeks Nutrition Coaching – Now Accepting New Clients!

Take charge, take control and completely change the way you feel in just 12 weeks…


How would you like to have an expert, qualified, personal nutritionist who could pinpoint the root cause of your health, body composition, or performance issues?

Someone you could talk to weekly on a one to one basis, with time set aside just for you, who could guide you through your own unique circumstances and provide science based and research driven solutions that create a feeling of vibrant, unbounded health, and a deep understanding of your own body.

Someone who not only provides these solutions, but who will empower and motivate you to take control of your health and body composition forever.

By investing your time with me over the course of 12 weeks, you can say goodbye to years of frustration and confusion about what really works, and choose a path expertly designed just for you, that addresses your unique issues, your unique circumstances, and unlocks your unique potential as a human being.


Who is it for?

My 12 week bespoke health and nutrition coaching package is great for:
• Fat loss
• Autoimmune Diseases
• Diabetics
• High Cholesterol/Blood Pressure
• Digestive Issues
• Athletes – Cutting weight/Sports performance
• Eating Disorders
• Self Improvement

Over 12 weeks you will learn what factors are driving how you look and feel and what you can do to resolve them. Using a scientific, evidence based approach you will discover how to achieve real, sustainable results.

You can learn about your unique biochemistry and how that translates into how you look, feel and perform.

Explore just how powerful the nutrients in your food can be in helping correct biochemical imbalances.

Receive your own personal health plan, detailing every aspect of your program, including detailed nutrition and lifestyle plans.


How does it work?

Individualized protocols are not about ‘dieting’ for a short period of time, instead we focus on sustainable eating habits and lifelong changes. Creating new habits takes time, education and support.

Step One – Complete my client intake form. I will review your form to get a clear picture of your current nutrition, lifestyle and health status.
Step Two – Initial 60 minute consultation. You will receive your personal plan with clear and achievable targets. You will receive a full body composition analysis so we can track your progress over the 12 weeks.
Step Three – 11 x 30 minute one to one consultations. I will monitor your progress and make adjustments to ensure you reach your optimal goal.If done in person, we will track your body composition which includes body fat, muscle mass, metabolic age and the water content of your body.Failure is not an option!

During the 12 weeks – Emails and/or phone calls with me to keep you motivated and accountable. I am always on hand to answer your questions and provide support.


Laboratory Testing

In addition, private nutritional and medical testing is available and can take the guesswork out of understanding your issues, helping us quickly and accurately identify imbalances that lie behind your symptoms.

Pinpointing imbalances and the cause of your issues allows for a targeted, specific, protocol to be applied, meaning quicker and more effective results for you. Individual test prices are available on request.


What my clients are saying…


Here is what some of my previous clients have said about the 12 week program.

I met Gary in march 2015 after being diagnosed with IBS. I was approaching the big 40 but felt like an 80 year old. My body ached, my joints, my back, even my fingers! I was fed up of feeling tired all the time, having no energy and not sleeping very well. So I joined Gary’s 12 week nutrition programme to gain the knowledge and accept his help about what i was putting into my body. It was a bit scary at first, i wont lie! It seemed quite daunting that i actually had to sit and think about and plan what i put into my mouth! But that soon became a way of life for me, its not that hard to eat real food. My energy levels rose, i was sleeping for 8 hours minimum every night and for the first time in a long time i feel happy from the inside out. The weight started to drop off and i just feel so much healthier and I wanted to exercise. Thats when he put me in touch with his lovely partner Louise, who’s is amazingly fit! She puts me through my paces every week, drives me on pushes me to my limit, but it feels good! My body is starting to look toned and i feel amazing, strong to, even my skin and hair looks healthier. They have truly changed my life for the better and will always be grateful for that. I cannot recommend these two amazing people enough.


Nicole 40


Since starting at the end of May 2015 my physical and mental wellbeing has improved dramatically. I went feeling tired, frustrated that I exercised a great deal and lost no weight. After speaking to Gary I began eating clean and noticed a change within a couple of weeks. I then began to see Louise to have some 1:1 personal training and by combining the two the changes in my physique and general health improved dramatically. By combining the two they complimented each other and they both knew what it was I wanted to achieve. I am now well on my way and although at times find it difficult to stick to clean eating the results I am getting outweigh the urges.(Although I do treat myself once a week and it has now become a way of life). I would thoroughly recommend Gary and Louise as a combination, their encouragement, enthusiasm and support really help to keep you motivated.


Nicola 47


I have just finished a 3 month course with Gary at Serious-Nutrition. My aim was to lose weight and attempt to negate my type 2 diabetes which I have had for a number of years. Gary gave me a nutrition plan which was drastic and cut out bread, pasta, rice, dairy products, sweet products and alcohol. The plan was meat based but I was allowed carbs in the form of sweet potato and butternut squash. Because of my diabetes I had to take medication for the same, as well as medication for cholesterol, and blood pressure. During the 3 month course I lost 2 stone in weight and stopped taking medication for cholesterol, blood pressure, and reduced my medication for diabetes from 4 tablets a day to 1 a day, and hopefully will soon be rid of my diabetes. During the course my health, and well being increased as well as my sleep pattern. It might be said that my Nutrition  Plan was quite bohemian but it worked for me as all that was needed was will power. During the 3 month course Gary was always at hand to give advice and encouragement where necessary and I would recommend Gary to anyone who wanted to improve their health and life style.


John 65


What does it cost?

My Platinum 12 week package is just £599.99!

I accept all major credit and debit cards. Installment plans are also available.

If you would like to book in a free 15 minute consultation to see how I can help you or sign up for the platinum package now, please use this link to book in either a Skype consultation or come and see me in person at City Way Health Clinic, Rochester Kent.


Please note: places are limited for the platinum package due to the attention and time given to each client.





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