Consultation Prices

Consultation Prices

Free Introductory Meeting*

I offer a free introductory meeting which is 10-15 minutes to discuss your requirements and goals. You can then complete a client intake form and may be asked to take away a food diary to complete. This is a good time to assess which of the following packages would best suit you. *Subject to availability

Bronze – £45

30 minute consultation 

We can chat for 30 minutes in this consultation. You can ask questions and I will give you answer and suggestions on ways to improve your diet and highlight any key factors that may benefit your current lifestyle, health and goals.

This is ideal if you just need to tweak your nutrition and want some expert advice on the best ways for you to achieve a more individualised nutrition approach.

Often a few small changes are all it takes!

This is the most popular online package as the assessment only requires a copy of your food diary.

Silver – £75

60 minute Consultation
The silver package is a fantastic way to make real changes to your life.

A detailed written assessment of your current health and lifestyle will provide you with all of the information you need to get your life back on track. You will receive dietary recommendations, recipes, shopping lists and lifestyle advice based on your food diary and symptoms/requirements.

Gold – £300

60 minute consultation +  3 x Follow Up Consultations

You will receive a detailed written assessment including a tailored 7 day food plan based on your lifestyle, work shifts and specific goal. I will ensure they are foods that you enjoy and more importantly, will continue to enjoy for the rest of your life!

Includes recipes, shopping lists, supplement advice (if required). You will also have my full support via email/phone/Skype for 1 month, with a follow up  to check your progress and advise on your next steps.


Platinum – £599.00

Platinum is the most popular package. You receive all of the benefits of the Gold package, with 12 weeks dedicated support.

Weekly follow up consultations over your prefered method; skype, telephone or email, means I really get to keep you motivated, track body composition and constantly tweak your plan to maximise your results.

This is great for weight loss, autoimmune, athletes needing to cut weight or pre-event training programs.

Please note, places are limited for the platinum package due to the work it involves.

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Intolerance & Nutrient Testing – P.O.A
Quite often, a simple referral from me to your G.P may be the cheapest way to confirm underlying problems. Unfortunately though, many G.P’s do not have access to specific nutrient/allergy/hormone testing laboratories through the NHS.
After your detailed assessment, I may suggest that you have further testing done. Prices of these tests vary from £45 up to £400