Nutritional and Medical Testing


Who are Biolab?

Biolab Medical Unit are a medical referral laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine. They are located in the heart of the West End of London.

Biolab apply modern scientific laboratory analytical methods to establish what imbalances there are in the bodies of those who are suffering ill-health or non-optimum health, so that these imbalances may be addressed via nutritional and non-drug means, with the aim of achieving good health or, at least, improving the quality of life and minimising suffering.

Serious Nutrition uses Biolab Medical Unit for testing our clients for a multitude of issues from food allergies, gut health and nutrient deficiency, to comprehenisve hormone testing and health profiles.

Most tests can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Sample kits will be sent to you direct for you to post back. Some tests however, such as breath tests for SIBO, will need to be done at Biolab by appointment.

If you would like a referal for a test or would like more information, please fill out this form – Test Request

Biolab Tests

The following links provide detailed information on the full range of Biolab investigations.  The latest test prices are available on request.Search by any of the categories below, or use the search at the top of the site to search for test indications, names, or keywords.
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